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    • Substance for removing stains on car body and inside the vehicles, being the remains of glue (e.g. stickers), tree resins or scratches arisen as a result of contact with rubber and plastics (e.g. gaskets, shoe soles). It removes grease, oil, tar, asphalt, paraffin, resin and wax from the surfaces inside and outside the vehicle. Quick-drying.

    • Professional combination of cleaning agents ensures effective, fast and gentle removal of the residue of conventional paints. Directly after painting, apply foam on dismantled elements of the gun, leave for about a minute, clean with a rag, dry. If the need arises, the action can be repeated. Term o f use on the container.

    • Agent for chemical removing old paint and lacquers. Designed for removing: primers, primer-coats, paints and lacquers, enamels and polyuerthanes from metal, glass, ceramic tiles, concrete, bricks and wood. Agent is not corrosive and is washed away with solvent or water.

    • APP Emblem Tape is all purpose transparent acrylic tape mounting emblems and trademarks to car body. APP Emblem Tape is resistant to weather conditions. Special acrylic adhesive guarantees strong bonding resistant to washing at car wash also. User Manual: 1. Degrease the emblem and the surface of car body with APP W900 remover. 2. Remove the protective...

    • Preparation for cleaing and degreasing. Provides optimal adhesion of applied products and prevents silicone craters creation while painting. Designed for removing impurities such as: silicone, teflon, oils and greases from surfaces designed for topcoating. It may be used on non-isolated metal surfaces, old topcoats, primers, fillers and filling coats...

    • Thinner for acrylic products and metallic bases, designed for application during the renovation lacquering of cars and vans. Possibility of choosing between two thinner types: AVS / quick and AVN / normal, AVW - slow and adjustment of spray viscosity of prepared products allows to optimize the evaporation time in various operational conditions. It is...

    • Advanteges of using sprayers are huge savings of solvents and even application on cleaned surface of car body. Sprayer with pump is chemically resistant to solvent based cleaners.

    • APP 2K Epoksy-Verdünnung is a thinner for epoxy products and is purposed for determination of viscosity of primers and substrates during renovation of passenger car and commercial vehicle bodies. IMPORTANT! To be applied with APP 2K-Grund EP and other epoxy used during car body repairs.

    • Specially prepared agent designed for dissolving edges of topcoat surfaces and binding them with background (old or other lacquer coat) in invisible way. It is designed for binding two colours or tints on one surface while shading. Enables dust liquidation which arose while spray application of coloured or transparent acrylic lacquers.

    • APP 2K HS Loser Spray is a solvent designed for using during shading and local repairs of the SPOT/SMART types with acrilic surface varnishes consisting of two components of the HS class produced in accordance with the LZO/VOC.

    • Des gants jetables et sans poudres, ne transportent pas de substances chimiques et n'irritent pas la peau. Gants fabriqués avec 100% de nitrile, ne contiennent pas de latex, de silicone, de cires, ni de plastifiants. Embouts renforcés sur les ongles supplémentaires augmentent l'aadhésion. Une résistance triple à la perforation et à la déchirure par...

    Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

    As usual, thinners are used to remove paint from different surfaces and equipment, but also it could be used to make oil-based paint less thick - for better result use paint that is about room temperature, use the wood stick and mix it slowly to make sure that both components came together well. This is a dangerous substance, and you have to observe safety when working with thinners and removers - at least you should wear gloves, safety glasses and respirator. You should work outdoors or in places with good ventilation without access to fire and store it carefully and tightly closed.