Car Paint by color code

Car Paint by color code

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  • Unary polyurethane sealant with very good adhesion to primer-coated and lacquered sheet, and to stainless steel, aluminium, glass, most plastics and concrete. Used to seal the welded joints of vehicle body sheet metal pieces. It may be spread with a roller, paintbrush or putty knife. After hardening, it remains flexible and may be covered with all...

  • The APP SEAL 12 is a quick-drying, unary, permanently flexible, rubber sealing material applied with a paintbrush. It is intended for use during tinsmith-lacquering repairs on bare and primer-coated vehicle body sheet metal and surfaces painted with primers and surface paints. After drying, it may be covered with unary or binary surface lacquers used for...

  • A light-colour, binary epoxide adhesive. After hardening, it forms joints resistant to stretching and impact, even in low temperatures. It does not shrink and it is resistant to many chemical compounds. The adhesive possesses good dielectric resistance. It is designed to bond metal, concrete, ceramic elements, glass, wood and other materials....

  • Pneumatic cartouche feeder, 310 ml (plastic and aluminium), has material application speed adjustment controls. Simple use.

  • Manual gun for adhesives and sealants in 310 ml cartridges and sachets with a capacity of 300 to 600 ml. The gun has an aluminium tube with a length of 400 mm, and the handle and trigger made of aluminium alloy. It has a ratio of 12:1, so the sealants and adhesives for glasses can be easily extruded. The squeezer has a rotating handle (360°), making...

  • One-component metacryl-urethane glue and catalitic foil for glueing rear-view mirror to windscreen. Can be also used for glueing side windows holders. Special composition of resins compensates the differences in thermal expansibility of the glass and mirror base. Thermal resistance from -50°C up to +150°C.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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