Car Paint by color code

Car Paint by color code

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  • Advanteges of using sprayers are huge savings of solvents and even application on cleaned surface of car body. Sprayer with pump is chemically resistant to solvent based cleaners.

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  • Des gants jetables et sans poudres, ne transportent pas de substances chimiques et n'irritent pas la peau. Gants fabriqués avec 100% de nitrile, ne contiennent pas de latex, de silicone, de cires, ni de plastifiants. Embouts renforcés sur les ongles supplémentaires augmentent l'aadhésion. Une résistance triple à la perforation et à la déchirure par...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Welcome! On Carbodystore you can order different auxiliary stuff for thinners and removers. No matter what you want to do: preparing surfaces, painting elements, polishing or protecting car against rust or other effects - you got to be sure that you use high-quality materials. From professional auto body shops to a regular vehicle owner in his own garage - each will find required supplies here. A selection of professional goods and equipment from world`s leaders makes sure you will definitely find what you want. Buy auxiliaries for thinners and removers online here and save a lot of time!