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  • The tape is made of slightly crimped, impregnated paper, covered with special natural rubber-based glue on one side. It is designed for masking surfaces during car body painting, in temperatures up to 80°C. It is resistant to organic solvents, paints and lacquers. It has very good adhesion to metal, plastic, hardened coats of paints and lacquers, glass,...

  • Soft, elastic, self-adhesive foam tape for protecting gaps e.g. between door and car body casing. Efficiently prevents lacquer particles from entering car interior. Provides gentle transmission between the surface of fresh applied coating and masking surface.

  • Acryl two-sided adhesive tape purposed external and internal use, of improved mechanical strength. It guarantees initial adherence and is resistant to dynamic stress and ensures permanent and economic bonding of materials. It substitutes riveting, welding, liquid adhesives and permanent fasteners. Features: Adherence to different bases as plastic, metal,...

  • Hard rubber disk for removal of double-sided tapes, stickers and decorative stripes placed on car body. During glue removal the disk does not generate scratches neither causes damages of top coat. Mounted to sander or drill with a dedicated adapter.VIDEO DEMO:

  • Self-adhesive masking tape made of slightly crimped, impregnated paper, covered with special natural rubber-based glue on one side. It is used in the automotive painting sector for masking. Provides perfect adherence to masked surface of car body, easy and clean removal and precise, even dividing line of painted surface. Resistant to solvents and...

  • Self-adhesive tape designed for masking and simultaneous deflecting rubber car seals, which allows painting an element under the seal, preventing the seal and glass from overspray. Resistant to high temperatures, solvents and lacquers. It is also used for masking other car body elements, e.g. bending roofs seals, lamps as well as for protecting the space...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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