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Car Paint by color code

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Matt Clearcoat 1.0L with Hardener 0.5L

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Matt Clear Coat 2:1 HS 2K with Hardener Classic

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The APP Acryl Klarlack Matt is a versatile varnish dedicated for patch repairs as well as for repairs on complete car parts as a clear topcoat with a lacklustre finish in multilayer restoration techniques on vehicle bodies. It is possible to achieve the precise desired gloss level by mixing APP Acryl Klarlack Matt with high-gloss varnishes such as APP Classic or APP Spezial S. The matte topcoat varnish APP Acryl Klarlack Matt is to be used only with hardeners for clear varnishes APP Classic or Spezial S, both the fast-drying as well as the standard type; mixing ration is 2:1. Varnish thinner can be used if necessary: the recommended product is APP Acryl Verdünnung, used at a mixing ratio of up to 5%. NB: the gloss level is affected by factors such as the amount of varnish thinner used, the total dry coat thickness and the number of layers. The matte varnish can be used with conventional as well as waterborne basecoats. It is exceptionally resilient as well as weather-resistant. The llight-fastness of the base varnish is guaranteed thanks to the addition of UV filters.

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